Poem for Jack Ellis Tournament 2014

Jack Ellis 2014
Jack Ellis is my fav comp
In The first round I had a romp
Seven points went my way
Feeling it’s my lucky day,
Second round was quite a bumble,
Just got two but mustn’t grumble,
Nine from two, mustn’t frown,
But five for Dave and Andy Brown,
Third round paired with Neil and Steve,
Halved first four I do believe,
But second four, Neil’s in the groove
Just eleven from three, the goal posts moved!
Fourth round and I’m all a bustle,
Cause me and Lilley against DaveT and Thrussell?
Out classed I felt, but just at first…
At four games each I almost burst!
In the fifth it asked for trouble,
Had to play a big brother double,
I wanted to do big bruvver proud,
But lost 3-1, what a cloud!
Second half paired with Dave the jolly
Played quite well, a super volley!
Won 3-1 felt quite chuffed
And gave Dave T just enough!
As the final scores were guessed,
Phyllis put the guys to rest,
Dave in shock! when announced
Two years out of three, quite pronounced!!!
Thank you Phyllis, was such a good’un
Thank you Mon for the warm bread pudding
Thank you Mick and all the guys
I’m back next year for another try!!!
Matt P
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