2017 season now “officially” under way!

We have had some really good turnouts for the club nights so far, and last week the league matches started for real – with the Astro courts becoming available just in time! With Easter availability making team selections quite difficult, it was good to get all the teams out and some great results to start things off, even though  a number of games had to be halved due to poor light. Well done all – and keep your team captains up to date with your availability please…

Paul is asking for Club tournament entries now please, and keep the 1st July date for the Club’s 60th anniversary evening. Contact us for more details if you haven’t heard anything direct yet.

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Hove Park Astro Courts in PERIL !!

Whatever happens with the citywide tennis court proposals, the future of the Astro courts in Hove Park remains uncertain, and it seems ever more likely that we may not get use of the Astro courts next year (cutting the total no of tennis courts available to all users from 12 to 7)!

The Council have stated that their insurers may refuse to provide liability insurance due to the poor state of the courts, and a couple of legal cases are apparently already pending. There could be money available from the “106 project” (where developers give money to park projects for building flats opposite) but this is not certain to be allocated here for existing maintenance!

This is where all HPTC members can help out in trying to keep these courts in use for summer tennis – please write to your local councillors or to the Hove Park Councillors stating that this facility can’t just be left to go to rack and ruin but is much loved and is an important asset for many sports including tennis. Even more so as the council are also wanting to hand these over to be run by local organisations who would have no contingency funds to repair them on day 1. There have also been enquires from other parties in turning these courts into dedicated all year 3G football pitches (and so unsuitable for other sports!)

We can’t let this facility go without a fight. Any suggestions from any of you will be most welcome.

Thanks Neil

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2017 season – not long now – AGM is on 8th March!

The 2017 Season is nearly here, days are getting longer, and the annual AGM has been set for 7.30 pm on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at The Poets Ale and Smoke House (previously Poets’ Corner pub) on Montgomery Street, Hove. We hope to see as many members as possible there.

There is a lot to discuss and look forward to – especially as it is our 60th year and we want to celebrate that!! Remember we still need team captains for 5th and 6th teams and we can also update you on the latest situation for the council proposals for parks tennis next year.

Letters with details of the AGM agenda and also your registration forms will be sent out very soon. Remember to get these back to Mick asap please along with your annual subs or else bring them along to the meeting in person.

First club night will be on Monday 27th March at 5pm. League matches start from the 11th April.

Mick Cox and John King.


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Winter 20016/17 is here

Well the season is over for another year, but various people do keep playing through the winter – contact one of us to join the Facebook group for best updates as to who is playing when.

We are also keeping our eye on the Brighton Council proposals for saving money on Parks and Leisure next year!

Otherwise look forward to the AGM next year and a new season of enjoyable tennis!

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Matches finished for 2016 season already!

September now and all league matches have finished. Despite the weather very few were postponed, however it has been close call on quite a few occasions. Club nights continue from 5pm for September, so do please still come along.

First team under Tony had a good run and just missed top of Division 1 to Queens, but stayed ahead of King Alfred and Saltdean. Hove A under Neil though had a much harder time and ended up last (but by just one point) and will play on a Wednesday next year.

Hove B under Jason also had a hard time on Wednesdays in Div 2 and just avoided the last place (that went to Blaggs who were well adrift) BUT they will stay on a Wed due to Matt’s team result.

On a Tuesday in Div 3 there has been strong opposition for both teams – Hove C under Matt have had mixed fortunes but ended up a great 3rd place (quite a gap from the top 2), BUT as Dyke can’t go up it effectively means Hove B stay on Wed. Hove D under Carmel have had some really hard close games, and have been unlucky not to get more points, so they will go down to Div 4 (but still play on a Tuesday).

In Div 4 (also Tuesday) Colin’s team Hove E just kept clear from the bottom 2 clubs, but have not had to concede many which is a great testament to the number of club members playing matches.

For next year we will need new team captains for both Hove D and Hove E – so please think about this before the AGM as without these teams MANY players will not get a game next year.

Well done to all team players (nearly 50 a week), but especially to all the team captains who go a really great (but hard) job getting everyone together on a weekly basis (and fitting around people’s holidays, injury, sickness or work commitments).
We are still short of players, especially ladies, for the teams, so if you do know of anyone interested please encourage them to come down for a visit.

The Club tournament is on Sunday 4th Sep, so lets all hope the weather holds.


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2016 Club Tournament and Finals day !

The Club Tournament FINALS took place on Sunday 4th September 2016 from 10:00am. Some great matches and good to see so many supporters for all the matches. (Special thanks to Paul and Mick, and all the volunteers who helped with umpiring, line judges, etc, much appreciated!). Once the last match completed we had a great club social with food and refreshments – many thanks to Matt Pither for doing all the cooking and Ann for organising, plus everyone who brought food. See the Gallery for more pictures

The RESULTS are as follows.

Ladies Singles – (Last update 05/9/16) Won by Savvi

Mens Singles  – (Last update 05/9/16) Won by Josh

Ladies Doubles  – (Last update 05/9/16) Won by Patricia and Edith

Mens Doubles  – (Last update 05/9/16) Won by Stephen M and Thomas

Mixed Doubles  – (Last update 05/9/16) Won by James and Morna


Finals day winners 2016

Finals day winners 2016

The rules and a players contact sheet will be issued to all competitors by Paul Smith, the Tournament organiser (or by Club Captain Mick Cox), BUT this year the draw sheets will be only on the WEB. You can print copies yourselves as required. The results will be updated as they are received. At the AGM is was emphasised the need to arrange matches and get them played promptly so the tournament can run fairly to all.

To ensure the tournament runs smoothly for the benefit of everyone, the Rules to be followed are below (with additional notes):-

1) Each Competitor is responsible for arranging matches they are in (please do not wait for others to make contact with you)
2) Matches are to be played by dates shown on the Draw sheets.
3) Matches cannot be played on courts used during Club Evenings unless they become free later in the evening.
4) Results are to be given to Paul Smith (pesmith33@gmail.com) immediately after matches have been played (can also copy in hoveparktennis @ btinternet.com ).
5) If a match is not going to be completed by the stated date please inform Paul asap. (Note: Missed deadlines could result in all players in that game being scratched)
6) If you are unable to compete further, or even for a temporary period, please inform Paul. (Please also try and let your partner/opponents know)
7) A reminder will be sent if results have not been received by the stated date (but please do not wait for this – see note for 5)
8) If you are not free on Finals Day you must withdraw from the Tournament asap.
9) If necessary the Tournament Secretary will arbitrate in the event of a dispute (and has the final say).

Thank you!
Paul Smith, Tournament Secretary, 01273 556516, pesmith33@gmail.com

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2016 Season – are you ready? – matches start from 12th April!!

The 2016 Season is here now, days are getting longer, and the annual AGM was on Thursday 10th March, 8.00pm at the Poets Corner pub (33 Montgomery Street, Hove, BN3 5BF).

Letters providing your registration form have been sent out. Remember to get these back to Mick asap along with your annual subs so you can play for the teams!

We have team captains for all the teams now, Tony Denman, Neil Dickson and Jason Pither, and new captains Matt Pither, Colin Keating and Carmel O’Dell for the other 3 teams.

Club nights run on Monday and Friday from 5pm (6pm in May) and have been really well attended so far. League matches start from the 12th April.

Also we have a private Facebook group for Hove Park Tennis – to use for updates during the season and to share photos and events, so if you wish to join that then please get in touch.

Mick and the Hove Park committee.


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Brighton Parks ‘Davis Cup’ Tournament.

The Brighton Parks ‘Davis Cup’ Tournament took place at Hove Park on Saturday 19th September 2015. This was only the second time this Tournament has been held, with one of the Hove teams finishing 2nd last year in the 1st Division.

This year we had two teams in the tournament. Even better, Hove A won the 1st Division and Hove B won the 2nd Division. See the Davis Cup section under Come and Play for more details.

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ALL League Matches finished, very good results for all our teams

It was a really good last “regular” week to the league season. 5 of our 6 teams won their matches and the other one was a draw. In fact the drawn match may well be the best result ever, as that keeps Hove B in the 2nd Division. Despite some people feeling that we had a “poor” summer, in fact there were only 2 rearranged matches still to play – which took a couple of weeks due to the poor weather – one for the 1st team and one for the second!

Many thanks to ALL the team captains for the excellent work this year!

Hove (first team) are comfortably mid table, Tony is very pleased as has not been an easy season, but as usual the team have made some great results.

HOVE A did END UP CHAMPIONS OF THE 2ND DIVISION. What a pleasant surprise for Neil. On account of a twist in the results, and the fact that Hove A won their last match away to Queens B 4-0 we are Champions and have pipped Blaggs and Dyke to the post!

Hove B had a great 2-2 draw against King Alfred to ensure they were safe from relegation! Well done to Andy B and Jacky for getting the first match points, so the rest of the team could relax! Phew! Plus it saves the nightmare scenario of 4 teams on a Tuesday next year. Jason says “Can’t express my thoughts right now  … But absolutely delighted we have been successful in staying in Div 2 … Great achievement and many thanks”

Hove C managed to finish in a good central position as well, after a very worrying (catastrophic?) start. Dave wants to pass on huge thanks for the efforts made over the last few months by all his players.

Hove D have secured promotion this year by a good margin, and can now move up as Hove B are safe to stay on a Wednesday. Mick is very pleased with the way his team has played this year.

Hove E also made a good middle position – Alan gives big applause to the 27 players who were happy to play for Hove E and make it a very good year collecting 70 Points winning 76 Sets to 75 losses so a more than 50% win to loss ratio.

Now it is time to finish off those Tournament matches ready for Finals day on the 6th, enjoy club nights afresh (from 5pm in September) and consolidate any coaching ready for next season!!

We are also looking to make Finals day quite a social occasion – so get in touch for details (if not on Facebook)!


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League Week 7 matches. Over a third way through now.

Wednesday 27th Hove A were at home and everybody played well but the stars of the night were Fariss (welcome back) and Isla who came from a set down to beat Mike O’Brien and Jo Milligan 3-6 6-1 6-2. It was the first time the Queens B pair had been beaten this season. Steve and James D also had a good win beating the Queens B pair 6-3 6-3 which gave us a 2-2 draw. Hove B had a tough match at Saltdean, but drew 2-2 on the night (Andy B and Jackie Corby had a good win in the mixed and Morna Fox and Pam Martin won the ladies) and that was finished off by a good gathering in the Poets Corner!

Tuesday saw a really good 2.5 to 1.5 win by Hove C away at Dyke, with a great Men’s game that declared a draw at 6-6 in the 3rd set at nearly 9pm (saving the spectators from certain frostbite)! Also well done to Hove D. Beat Queens D 3.5 / 0.5.Two pretty close games. Rita and Lou in the ladies doubles could have gone on till midnight!! 1 set all and it was halved at 7-7 in the 3rd. John K and Peter had a bit of a scare, won the 1st set 6-0 but then just got through on the 2nd set tie break. John EB and Angie had a comfortable win 6-2 6-0. Well done to all the team. Shame only a few came to the Poet’s, Alan S needed a pint to get over a Hove E  0-4 defeat away at King Alfred B.

Mick. PS Enjoy next week and no double faults while I am not watching!!


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