We have now reached the half way stage in the League Fixtures even though 6 matches have been postponed because of the weather.

68 members have had the chance to play in matches and on only 3 occasions have we had to conceded a game. We have had a mixed bag of results which has not been to much of a surprise as 2 teams won promotion and have now found it hard in the higher division.

The Hove 1st team (Tony’s) have done quite well and are 4th in the 1st Division at present but Hove A (Neil’s) have struggled and are finding it hard to pick up points.

Hove B (Matt’s) got off to a great start to the season but have slipped down the table but it is so close in the 2nd division and there are only 5pts between the 3rd placed team and our team in 8th place.

Hove C (Susy’s) as normal are finding it quite comfortable in the 3rd division and are placed 5th just 3pts behind the 2nd placed team.

Hove D (Mick’s) are finding it much harder in the 3rd division than Hove C and are currently second from bottom.

Hove E (Ann’s) are placed towards the middle of the 4th division which is were they always tend to be.

During the first half of the season our Teams have only had one victory 4-0 when Hove beat Dyke A but it is disappointing to say that the various teams have had six 0-4 defeats.

Hove A have gained most points from the match against Rookery when they won 3-1 but were helped by the fact Rookery gave us 2 pairs!

Hove B best result has been their most recent match when they beat Blakers A away 3-1

Hove C have had good 3-1 victories against Hove D, Hollingbury and Rookery A

Hove D best result so far was a 3-1 win against Blakers B and Hove E had their best victory when they beat Hollingbury A 3.5-0.5

We now head into the 2nd half “reverse” fixtures with the hope that we don’t lose to many members either through injuries (we have had a few already) or going away on exotic holidays! (PS please keep team captains up to date with any absences/holiday plans).

Mick (14/6/14)

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