Hove Park Astro Courts in PERIL !!

Whatever happens with the citywide tennis court proposals, the future of the Astro courts in Hove Park remains uncertain, and it seems ever more likely that we may not get use of the Astro courts next year (cutting the total no of tennis courts available to all users from 12 to 7)!

The Council have stated that their insurers may refuse to provide liability insurance due to the poor state of the courts, and a couple of legal cases are apparently already pending. There could be money available from the “106 project” (where developers give money to park projects for building flats opposite) but this is not certain to be allocated here for existing maintenance!

This is where all HPTC members can help out in trying to keep these courts in use for summer tennis – please write to your local councillors or to the Hove Park Councillors stating that this facility can’t just be left to go to rack and ruin but is much loved and is an important asset for many sports including tennis. Even more so as the council are also wanting to hand these over to be run by local organisations who would have no contingency funds to repair them on day 1. There have also been enquires from other parties in turning these courts into dedicated all year 3G football pitches (and so unsuitable for other sports!)

We can’t let this facility go without a fight. Any suggestions from any of you will be most welcome.

Thanks Neil

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