HOVE PARK – A DOUBLE PROMOTION in the parks’ league

The 2013 League season is nearly at an end but it has been a good and successful season for our Tennis Club. Two teams have won PROMOTION and the other four teams all did better than the previous year.

Hove (1st Team) this year had a much improved season, finishing 4th from top after finishing 4th from bottom the previous season.

Hove A (2nd Team) finished 2nd in the second division behind Dyke A and will now join the 1st team in the first division.

Hove B (3rd Team) had their usual battle to stay in the second division but this was achieved and in fact finished mid-table.

Hove C (4th Team) were close to gaining Promotion themselves but just fell at the last couple of hurdles but they had a really good year in the third division.

Hove D (5th Team) have won Promotion to the third division after finishing 2nd behind Dyke E.

Hove E (6th Team) have had a comfortable season in the 4th division but the pleasing thing relating to the 6th Team is that we were able to field a full Team for most of the season.

In fact 69 members played for Hove Park Tennis Club during the League Season which included many new members who have only joined us this summer.

Hove A celebrated their promotion success after their last match away to Blakers A at the Cleveland PH by Blakers Park. A good drink and Tapas made it an enjoyable end to a successful season and Hove C also toasted a good year at the Poet’s Corner after their last match!

2nd and 3rd teams after last game of the season at the Cleveland.

Mick would like to thank all the team captain’s for their hard work during the season. Tony for getting the 1st Team back on course, Neil for a successful promotion and trying to keep Tony and John happy each week! John for his usual battle with the 3rd Team, and for Suzie who has done a really good job in her first year as a team captain. And of course Ann who in some ways has the hardest task getting a 6th team out each week. I am sure not all team players realise how much work goes into getting them all on court on Match nights each week!

Thanks to all of you and everybody that has played their part during the summer season.


There are lots of tournament matches still to be played before Finals day on 8th September – please all come along to support and help (and get those matches arranged!)

Club sessions go onto the end of September (and on the hard courts in October) but please remember we start at 5.00pm from Monday 2nd September.

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