Brighton Parks League Cup Competition

This years competition is now open for applications – Closing date for entries is 10am 29 April. You should have had an email or contact Mick Cox.


Another HOVE PARK win in the Brighton Parks Cup Finals on 23rd July 2017!

Brighton Parks Tennis Association held their Annual Finals Day event this year, organised by Saltdean, on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July 2017 at Queens Park Tennis Club. The Finals were keenly played in a sporting and friendly manner which was a credit to Brighton Parks Tennis.

Men’s Singles Cup Competition…
Seb Puga (Dyke – seeded 8) beat David Redinha (Hove – seeded 19)

Men’s Singles Plate Competition
Rob Bromley (Dyke) beat Nick Saxon (Dyke)

Ladies Singles Cup Competition
Linda Nimi (Park Avenue – seeded 3) beat Raffaela Kurz (Blagss – seeded 4)

Ladies Doubles Cup Competition
Karin Hranicka /Raffaela Kurz (Blagss – seeded 14) beat Sarah Brooking/Marlou Schellevis (King Alfred – seeded 1)

Men’s Doubles Cup Competition
Andy Mullins (Saltdean)/Matt Hassell (King Alfred) seeded 2 beat Greg Daubney /Andy Black (Saltdean – seeded 1)

Mixed Doubles Cup Competition
Joannah Davis/Fariss Barakat (Hove – seeded 3) beat Hayley Oxley/Josh Wilson (Blakers – seeded 16)

Vet’s Doubles Cup Competition
Marlou Schellevis/Jonathan Scriven (King Alfred – seeded 1) beat Patricia Pollard/Darren Pollard (Hove – seeded 2)

Many thanks to those who came to support!

The Hove Park winners 2017:

Parks Mixed winners 2017

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