Club Tournament Update

Here is an update from Paul Smith of upcoming matches.  From these you will be able to work out  the results so far:

Editor’s Note:  Due to time restraints I have only listed the Upcoming Matches, but as stated above, you will be able to extrapolate the results i.e. Winners and Losers, by referring to your original copy of the draw to see the list of all matches. No scores are recorded here, again due to time restraints. Sorry 🙁

Men’s Singles

Round 2                   

Neil Dickson and Dave T

Quarter Final

Josh Pollard v Andy Prim

James Denman v Darren Pollard

Martin Patrick v

Fariss Barakat v Tony Denman

Men’s Doubles

1st Round 

Quarter Final

Andy Prim & Jack Carina  v

Matt Lea  &  Leon Silsby   v  Tony Denman & Cal T

Semi Final

Steve Arnold & Brian Aldridge  v

Darren Pollard & Ross Page v Fariss Barakat & Geoff Davies

Ladies Singles

Semi Final

Patricia Pollard  v  Susannah Pettit

Ann Potterton    v  Sarah Barr

Ladies Doubles

Semi Final

Sarah Barr & Monica Muschamp v  Margaret Oldfield Carmel Odell

Patricia Pollard & Julia Bevan  v  Louise Burchill & Joanna Barton

Mixed Doubles

Second Round 

Steve Arnold  &  Ann Potterton  v   Brian & Maddie Dunckley

Quarter Final

Darren Pollard & Julia Bevan  v

Neil Dickson & Philippa Creasy  v  Tony Denman & Joanna Barton

Martin Patrick & Suzy Holmes v  Mick Cox & Patricia Pollard

Semi Final

Matt Lea & Carmel v

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