Captain’s Comments – July 1 – 7

Well the weeks roll on by and still no sign of summer. We had a mixed bag of results last week.

Hove D faced Hove E on Tuesday with the D team winning 3-1. Hove E gained their 2 pts by way of Hove D having to concede the Ladies Doubles half way through the match!

Hove C came up against a strong Dyke C team and even though we lost 0-4 all four matches were closely fought out.

Hove B gained 1 pt from their match with Blakers with Sharon Buxton & Pauline Keating having a good game in the Ladies Doubles which was halved 6-4 4-6.

Hove A had the best result of the week winning 4-0 away to Blakers A. Gary Pugh/Hilary Jewers, Matt Lea/Margaret Oldfield and James Denman/Andy Prim all had good 2 sets victories and the other 2pts came to us as Blakers A conceded the Ladies Doubles.

Thursday evening was a particularly low point for our Tennis Club. Hove lost 0-4 away to Queens A and we now have a battle on our hands to stay in the 1st Division.Tony Denman & Lesley Clements and Neil Dickson & Josh Pollard took their matches to 3 sets but were unable to gain a victory.

I expect you will all be watching TV on sunday afternoon to see if the unexpected can happen!

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