2020 Club Tournament – SUNDAY 13th September

The Club Tournament FINALS took place on Sunday 13th September 2019 from 10:00am.

If you’ve not attended before this is a great day out when the Hove Park family comes out in force to watch some great tennis. Look forward to seeing as many as possible during the day if you can come down and support, following all the social distancing requirements please.
You should wear a mask, especially if line judging and hand sanitiser is available alongside the courts. Also if there are more than 30 spectators/players/officials then people can set up chairs outside the courts too.

Order of play starting from 10:00am, the winners and finalists are:-

  • Ladies Singles – Jess Pither vs Lucy Chadburn. Lucy won 6-2 4-6 6-4!
  • Mens Singles – Josh Pollard vs Thomas Pollard. Josh won 6-1 6-3!
  • Ladies Doubles – Lucy Chadburn/Dinah Rae vs Penny Telford/Katarina Sherbourne. Lucy and Dinah won 6-1 6-3!
  • Mens Doubles – Josh Pollard/Kevin Bromley vs Iain Stewart/Ben Hatch. Josh and Kevin won 6-3 6-2!
  • Mixed Doubles – John Thrussell/Jess Pither vs Dan Curtis/Rita O’Regan. Dan and Rita won in 3 sets 1-6 6-3 7-5!

A players’ contact sheet will be issued to all competitors by Iain Stewart or Dan Curtis, the Tournament directors, BUT the draw sheets will only be here on the WEB. You can print copies yourselves as required.

The results will be updated as they are received – Any updates send to Iain or Dan and also copy in hoveparktennis @ btinternet.com . Details of the draw are above, so please get your matches organised and played as soon as possible! – especially see rule 4 below!!

**At the AGM is was emphasised the need to arrange matches and get them played promptly so the tournament can run fairly to all.**

To ensure the tournament runs smoothly for the benefit of everyone, the Rules to be followed are below (with additional notes):-

  • 1) Every Competitor is responsible for arranging matches they are in (please do not wait for others to make contact with you)
  • 2) Matches are best of 3 sets, with a tie break at 6-6 in any set.
  • 3) Matches are to be played by the dates shown on the Draw sheets.
  • 4) If a match is not completed by the stated date, ALL players in that unplayed match will be scratched. If one pair feel they tried everything to arrange the match and that the opposing pair were culpable in the non-playing of the match, then they can appeal by email to Dan or Iain, with evidence of their communications, for a final decision on the matter. 
  • 5) Matches cannot be played on courts used during Club Evenings unless they become free later in the evening.
  • 6) Results are to be given to Iain Stewart or Dan Curtis immediately after matches have been played (please also copy in hoveparktennis @ btinternet.com or on Club private Facebook group).
  • 7) If you are unable to compete further, even for a temporary period, please inform Iain/Dan. Please also try and let your partner/opponents know.
  • 8) A reminder will be sent if results have not been received by the stated date (but please do not wait for this – see Rule 4)
  • 9) If you are not free on Finals Day you must withdraw from the Tournament asap.
  • 10) If necessary the Tournament Directors will arbitrate in the event of a dispute (and have the final say).
  • Most important – Have fun and enjoy!! – Iain and Dan

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